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Sparrow provides stress-free employee leave for HR, payroll, compliance, managers, and employees. By referring companies to Sparrow, you can support two of the most impactful organizations advocating for national paid leave and a more supportive workplace for family and caregivers: Paid Leave for All and Moms First.

For each company that you refer to Sparrow that becomes a customer, Sparrow will donate to these organizations.

Company Headcount Donation Amount
200-499 $1,000
500-999 $2,500
1,000-4,999 $5,000
5,000+ $10,000

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Moms First is a national nonprofit transforming our workplaces, our government, and our culture to ensure that the more than 40 million moms in America - and their families - can thrive. Fueled by a growing, nonpartisan grassroots community of more than 1 million moms and a coalition of some of the largest companies in America, Moms First works to expand gender neutral paid leave, expand access to affordable child care, and eliminate the gender pay gap.

Paid Leave for All is the national campaign of organizations leading the fight for paid family and medical leave for all working people. Paid Leave for All was founded in 2019 and represents tens of millions of workers, small businesses, caregivers, families, and advocates - the growing movement behind paid leave’s historic progress and passage in the U.S. House of Representatives.