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Companies partner with Sparrow because they care about their employees, and they want to support their employees through the most important and sometimes stressful times in their lives. The Sparrow team does all of the heavy lifting for Human Resources, payroll, and the employee taking leave, making the process simple and stress-free.

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Leave is Painful

Human Resources teams struggle with painful insurance paperwork, poor software systems, manager communication, and error-prone payroll calculations. Despite a company’s best efforts, employees are left unsupported at a time when they need it the most.

Stress-Free Leave

Sparrow combines the expertise of seasoned leave experts and cutting-edge technology to ensure that every employee knows their employer cares — from their first leave-planning questions through their successful return to work.

Our Work is Impactful

We’re motivated by the impact of our work. We’re helping HR manage one of the hardest parts of their job, and we’re helping employees find work-life balance as they experience life’s most unexpected events. Our teammates enjoy the benefits of mission-oriented work, common among nonprofits, but with the resources and scale of a fast-growing venture-backed company.

Our Challenges

At Sparrow, we’re building for scale, and with that, there are a number of challenges.

We have limited bandwidth

Our business has grown faster than our company. Leave affects everyone. Sparrow’s market is the intersection of people who have jobs and people who take time off work. We do not just lead this market. We invented it. This means that we need to work together to ensure we clearly understand the impact each project will have before we start working.

We don't have all the answers

The problems we’re solving are beyond our current expertise, meaning that there is incredible room for growth for everyone joining Sparrow. We are willing to give enormous responsibilities to people at any stage of their career if they demonstrate the ability to run with them.

We build for the long-term

Building a sustainable team and product is a marathon, not a sprint. We believe in investing time in planning, communication, training, and personal growth -- so that we are all able to have a lasting impact together.

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Support to do your
best work

We want to make sure that you have the resources you need to do your best work, so we regularly benchmark our benefits on what other similar companies are offering. But the real benefit of working at Sparrow is working with an incredible team on a mission that matters.

Health, Dental, and Vision
Health, Dental, and Vision

Sparrow covers your premiums for some of the best health, dental, and vision plans available.

Work from Anywhere
Work from Anywhere

While our HQ is in San Francisco, the Sparrow team was remote before being remote was cool, so we have strong remote-first work practices. Your workday should have a significant overlap with the Pacific Timezone and changes should be communicated and consistent.

Flexible Time Off
Flexible Time Off

We encourage you to do what you need to find the appropriate balance to stay happy, healthy, and productive, so we provide flexible time off (with guidance of three weeks).

Paid Family & Medical Leave
Paid Family & Medical Leave

We aim to support our teammates through whatever their life throws at them, which is why we provide generous paid family and medical leave that is in-line with industry benchmarks.

Life at Sparrow

Training and Mentorship

Training and Mentorship

We believe in investing in the team’s growth. When you start at Sparrow, you’ll begin with 2-4 weeks of training and onboarding. Then, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will provide you with support. We work very cross-functionally, so we support everyone in learning about areas outside of their core expertise.

Diverse Experiences

Diverse Experiences

While we are united by our excitement for Sparrow’s mission and product, the diversity of our experiences is one of our strengths. The Sparrow team is made up of people with all types of backgrounds, and we have teammates in 10 states and counting.

Representation at Sparrow

54% Women

44% Racial Minorities

4% Nonbinary


Team Impact

The Sparrow team is incredibly collaborative. We know that everyone’s job is essential to our success. So as a team, we are quick to build and quick to help one another refine our work for greater impact.

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