Sparrow takes care of employee leave, so you don't have to

We handle all leave-related

  • paperwork
  • coordination
  • deadlines
  • calculations
  • paperwork

Companies that trust Sparrow

Whether you have 5 employees or 50,000, we provide a modern solution that:

Saves Time

Your time is valuable. Managing just one leave requires 20-40 hours spent on paperwork, compliance, payroll, and employee support, which translates to 200 hours of employee time spent on tedious paperwork per 100 employees. Let Sparrow take care of the painstaking details so your team can focus on your business.

Saves Money

We make sure that your team gets the maximum possible benefits, while also managing your labor cost. Outsourcing employee leave to Sparrow can save your team as much as $10K in labor costs per 100 employees.

For many companies, using Sparrow can also save you up to $20K of each employee’s salary through proper compliance and adherence to filing nuances.

Saves Headache

We create a personalized payroll plan for each employee’s unique circumstances.

We ensure your leave policy complies with state regulations. We file all of the necessary paperwork with the EDD for each employee.

Several studies show that adequate leave increases employee retention. We ensure your employee doesn’t need to choose between the people they love and the job they love.

Sparrow is the simplest way to provide leave regardless of your company size

Sparrow is the easiest software-based service for you and your employees

Sparrow's centralized dashboard captures employees' unique needs.

How Sparrow Works

Sparrow delivers a seamless, end-to-end leave experience.