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Leave solutions for
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Save Time & Money

We automate the federal, state, and local filings for people teams and employees, saving 20–40 hours per leave.

Eliminate Compliance Headache

Our customized leave plans account for each employee’s unique needs, while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local policies.

Data-driven Consulting

Our benchmarking and consulting ensures policies are competitive, inclusive, and robust to even unexpected leave situations.

World Class Experience

Our leave experts ensure stakeholders have the information they need when they need it, making the experience stress-free.

Enterprise Ready Security

We prioritize our customer’s trust, security, and privacy by ensuring enterprise ready security.

Multinational Support

We do the heavy lifting for all types of leave in the United States and Canada.

Compliance, built to scale

As teams become more distributed, it can feel impossible to keep up with regulations and processes. By working with Sparrow, our customers feel confident that their policies and processes comply with federal, state and local laws for all types of leaves in the United States and Canada.

Software, built for experience

Sparrow’s software automates away the notifications and communication, integrating everything into one streamlined portal for both the employee and people team, ensuring that each user has exactly the information they need when they need it.

Expert service, customized to your needs

Sparrow’s dedicated leave specialist feels like an integral member of your people team, so you’ll feel confident that your team’s leaves will be managed effectively. Like an expert concierge, they also support the employee in each step of their leave, so the employee can focus on their health and family.

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* Example assumes a distributed workforce and 6% leave rate.

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