Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in supporting Sparrow, Paid Leave for All, and Moms First.
Sparrow is excited for this opportunity to help these great causes.

Can I refer more than one company to Sparrow?

You are welcome to refer multiple companies to Sparrow provided none of the companies are your own employer.

Does 100% of Sparrow’s donation go to Paid Leave for All and Moms First (depending on the charity I select)?

Sparrow donates to Our Change Foundation, which provides the donation service for Sparrow to Paid Leave for All and Moms First. The entire donation amount will go directly to Paid Leave for All and Moms First less a 2.9% processing fee from Our Change Foundation.

Company Headcount Donation Amount
200-499 $1,000
500-999 $2,500
1,000-4,999 $5,000
5,000+ $10,000

Can I refer my own company?

No. You may not be employed by the referred company and cannot otherwise have a business relationship with the referred company or stand to benefit financially from the referral.

Do I receive a tax benefit for this donation?

No, Sparrow will provide the donation directly to Paid Leave for All and Moms First, via Our Change Foundation.

How is the donation amount determined?

The donation amount is determined by the company headcount. This is calculated based on benefits-eligible employees in the U.S. & Canada (except Quebec) and is confirmed when the contract closes.

When will the referral payment be made?

Sparrow will make the donation once your referred company becomes a Sparrow customer and completes Sparrow’s standard onboarding process. We will keep you updated on our progress, and let you know when they become a client and complete the onboarding process (or if they don’t). Our sales cycles range from 60 to 180 days, but your referral will be valid for nine months from the date of referral.

How long will Sparrow’s referral program continue?

Sparrow expects to offer its referral program for at least one year from the date that we launch the program (e.g. the date of our program terms); however, Sparrow may decide to modify, extend, or end the program at its discretion.

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