Join the Movement: Balancing Employee Care and the Future of Leave Compliance (Virtual Panel)

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Sparrow has partnered with Paid Leave for All and Moms First – leading national organizations campaigning for national paid leave programs and more humane workplaces for families. Learn more about how you can join the movement in this webinar.

Understanding the paid leave landscape in the U.S. is increasingly challenging with varying compliance requirements across federal policies and new state programs. Companies strive to balance employee needs and limit HR risks, all while being cost-efficient. Learn more about these issues and efforts to improve paid leave, and how forward-thinking People teams are addressing these complex challenges.


  • Deborah Hanus, CEO & Co-Founder, Sparrow
  • Dawn Huckelbridge, Founding Director, Paid Leave for All
  • Molly Day, COO, Moms First

In this conversation, our panelists cover:

  • The definition of ‘paid leave’ and how out of step the U.S. is when compared to the rest of the world
  • The significance of paid leave for all and why this directly impacts employee care
  • The strategy for rebuilding momentum and achieving the passage of national paid leave
  • The role of employers in advocating for paid leave and the data that shows the positive impact on retention and productivity

Ready to join the movement? For every successful Sparrow customer referral, Sparrow will donate up to $10K to Paid Leave for All and Moms First to further support our shared mission of improving access to paid leave and supporting families and caregivers in the workplace.

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