Sparrow Partners with Moms First and Paid Leave for All

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA., August 30, 2023, Sparrow – the first end-to-end leave management solution for modern employers to care for their people during major life events – has partnered with Paid Leave for All and Moms First – leading national organizations campaigning for national paid leave programs and more humane workplaces for families. For every successful Sparrow customer referral, Sparrow will make a donation to Paid Leave for All and Moms First to further support our shared mission of improving access to paid leave and supporting families and caregivers in the workplace.

“Sparrow is excited to partner with legendary organizations like Paid Leave for All and Moms First,” said Deborah Hanus, Cofounder and CEO of Sparrow. “Increasingly, company leaders are recognizing that providing leave programs not only improves employee well-being but also can positively impact the bottom line. Our partnership will help accelerate the growing movement in the U.S. to highlight how critical it is to provide a supportive workplace. Paid Leave for All and Moms First are impactful voices in the movement to pass legislation for a national paid leave program and to improve the workplace for families, and we are excited to support them.”

“Every one of us will need to give or receive care in our lives, and paid leave is one of the most impactful and popular policies in the country,” said Dawn Huckelbridge, Director of Paid Leave for All. “The fact that we still don’t have it in the United States is a crisis—paid leave is a tool for economic growth, public health, and equity. Passing it with other care policies would yield millions of jobs, billions in wages, and trillions in GDP. The good news is America came within inches of passing paid leave not long ago. We plan to harness that momentum and win for working families.”

“Every day, thousands of Americans in every city, county, and state are forced to make impossible decisions,” said Molly Day, COO of Moms First. “How do they choose between a family-sustaining paycheck and caring for an older relative, a new child, or even themselves when they are sick or injured? All of us — regardless of our political party, socioeconomic status, race, gender, or geography — will need to give or receive care at some point in our lives. Today, moms are America’s de facto social safety net. At Moms First, we are fighting to change that by ensuring that workplaces and our government step up to provide every working person with compensated time to care."

“We believe supporting Paid Leave for All and Moms First helps drive the changes we all hope to see in building a more equitable and positive workplace,” said Paul Park, Chief Revenue Officer of Sparrow. “We believe that both organizations align closely with our goals to support employers and employees through their most vulnerable moments. On behalf of individuals who refer business to Sparrow, such as those who work with our current customers and have experienced Sparrow first-hand, we will make a donation to Paid Leave for All and Moms First as a thank-you for referring new customers to Sparrow. We love the idea of supporting these great causes as a part of building our business and making a lasting impact.”

If you know someone who needs Sparrow, an end-to-end leave management solution, please let us know by submitting a referral. By helping other caring companies to support their employees through their vulnerable moments, while ensuring compliance, we can work together to improve access to paid leave and create a more inclusive workplace.

About Moms First
Moms First is fighting to get moms the support they deserve: child care, paid leave, equal pay. It’s time to put Moms First. We need to make a historic investment in women’s economic recovery and empowerment. Learn more at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Paid Leave for All
Paid Leave for All is the national campaign of organizations leading the fight for paid family and medical leave for all working people. Paid Leave for All was founded in 2019 and represents tens of millions of workers, small businesses, caregivers, families, and advocates—the growing movement behind paid leave’s historic progress and passage in the U.S. House of Representatives. Learn more at LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

About Sparrow
Sparrow is the first end-to-end leave management solution for modern employers to care for their people during major life events. Sparrow’s high-tech, high-touch approach automates the most painful parts of employee leave management, while our world-class leave specialist team ensures a premium experience for all types of leaves across the United States and Canada. By partnering with Sparrow, caring companies, such as Headspace, Faire, and Deel, reduce compliance risks, enhance the employee experience, and contain costs. Learn more at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.