Why Is Leave So Complicated? (Virtual Panel)

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Leave is complicated – especially in the US, where employers must navigate a complex regulatory landscape of federal, state, and local laws to avoid non-compliance. Sparrow brought together compliance experts to discuss key areas of complexity and concrete actions innovative People Operations leaders are taking to make sense of employee leave in their organizations.

The global employment law firm, Littler Mendelson, and Sparrow teamed up to prepare a white paper on “Using a Full-Service Third Party Administrator to Manage Paid Family Medical Leaves of Absence”, covering leave laws in the US, focusing on paid family leave laws because of their multi-state complexity, trends in employer leave benefits, and how a third-party administrator like Sparrow can be a valuable resource.


  • Teresa Burlison, General Counsel, Sparrow
  • Michelle Barrett Falconer, Partner, Littler Mendelson
  • Sara Marzitelli, VP Head of People, SonderMind
  • Sara Mauskopf, CEO & Co-Founder, Winnie

In this conversation, you’ll hear from industry experts’ discussion:

  • Why employee leave is complicated especially with a distributed workforce as each state has their own set of laws and regulations.
  • How similar to using an accountant or tax preparation service, outsourcing to a third-party expert is often the most efficient solution.
  • The definition of salary continuation is often unclear, and many employers are not using best practices, negatively affecting the employee experience.
  • Having a third-party expert file paperwork on the employer and employee’s behalf reduces errors and compliance risks, saves time and costs, and improves employee experience.

If your team is managing leave in multiple states, staying abreast of these frequent changes can be a struggle. Outsourcing employee leave to Sparrow can provide you with confidence that your company’s leaves are compliant no matter where your employees are located.

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