Meet the Team: Emily

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Emily (she/her) is a member of Sparrow’s Sales team. Let’s get to know Emily!

How did you get to where you are?

Growing up I did a lot of volunteer work and always had a “save the world” mentality. I was really drawn to education and nonprofit work and specifically chose a university that didn’t have a business major so I could avoid the “corporate” world. How ironic that I now LOVE selling to HR professionals!

My first real job after college was at an educational NGO, and then an ed-tech startup not long after that. I joined wearing a ton of different hats, but the one that ended up fitting best was sales. I loved educating buyers and consulting with them to find a solution to their problems. Even if I wasn’t saving the whole world, I could make many people’s lives easier.

I experienced my own parental leave recently, and I was really disappointed by how the whole process was handled. I didn’t feel supported by my organization at all. When I learned about Sparrow, it was a lightbulb moment. A neon sign pointing HERE!!! I am thrilled to be working with this team now, improving the lives of so many.

What is a fun fact about you?

I’m fluent in Mandarin Chinese and a Fulbright Scholar. I did my research on middle school children’s mental health and dropout rates in Northwest China.

Why did you join Sparrow?

As a sales representative, I only represent products I truly care about and believe make a difference. Sparrow was producing a clear net good for companies and employees. In addition to that, the leadership team has a track record of success, and I knew that I could make a big impact joining an early stage company.

What did your team do to support you in your first month?

I joined the team as a new mom and first time parent. The Sparrow team was really flexible and allowed me to complete the onboarding materials at my own pace. I was also really impressed with the amount of time and support I received from the entire sales team and the CEO, answering all my questions and helping me ramp up quickly. With their support, I was able to close my first deal within 30 days.

What are you most excited about for your role in the next 6 months?

Things are moving fast! All of our departments are growing. I’m most excited to see marketing ramp up and see what new features the engineering team adds.

Have you picked up any hobbies since COVID started?

Parenting… that probably doesn’t count as a hobby. I also started learning Korean. I’m a big language buff.

What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

Very far. I lived in China for 4 years and have also visited Japan, Korea, and South Africa. If you’re ever in Johannesburg, I highly recommend checking out the Kruger National Park and going on a Safari. Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is an experience I will never forget. My favorite city in China is Xi’an. Definitely go see the Terracotta Warriors, and eat absolutely everything in the Muslim District. You can’t go wrong.

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