Benchmark Report: A Supplementary Analysis of the #showusyourleave Data

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If you work in people operations, you already know of the importance of paid leave for your employees. After all, if the past few years have reinforced anything, it’s reinforced that family matters. That wellness comes first. That being able to focus 100% of your attention onto something that matters to you, matters. And that the companies that acknowledge this, and support this, will be the companies that more and more people will choose to work for.

Thank you theSkimm for initiating the #showusyourleave challenge, and sounding the call that more has to be done here. We took the data collected from it, and added to it, in hopes we might learn something more.

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Section 1 Excerpt:

While 85 percent of companies offering primary caregiver leave also offer secondary caregiver leave, less than 4 in 10 offer pregnancy loss or fertility leave. In addition, less than half maintain a formal transition back to work plan program.

Our take
It makes sense that a high percentage of employers that offer primary caregiver leave would also offer secondary. And while it’s interesting only 4 in 10 offer support for pregnancy loss or fertility leave, less than half indicated they have a transition back to work plan. Businesses need to be cognizant that while it’s critical to offer paid leave benefits, they should also intend to bring that employee back into the workforce. More companies need to consider how they do that exactly, especially, when roles and responsibilities have shifted during that person’s leave.

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