The State of Employee Leave:
Sparrow’s Annual Benchmark Report

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With an upsurge of public interest in federal leave, the expansion of paid leave at the state level, and leave claims at an all-time high, understanding the employee leave landscape is more important than ever. As employers build out or evaluate their leave policies, they need to consider many different questions, including:

  1. Who has access to state-run paid leave programs?
  2. What type of leaves to include in a leave policy?
  3. How much leave to offer in a leave policy?
  4. How much leave do employees take?

Since Sparrow’s inception as the first true end-to-end Leave Management solution, we have worked with hundreds of employers and have managed more than a million days of employee leave. In this report, we share insights gleaned from leave policy and usage data to shed light on the questions above. We also consider broader trends to offer a comprehensive picture of employee leave in 2024 and beyond.