End-to-end leave management means every
aspect of your leave is managed by Sparrow.

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Sparrow is the first true end-to-end leave management solution to effortlessly care for your people. The Sparrow team does all of the heavy lifting for Human Resources, payroll, and the employee taking leave, making the process simple and stress-free.

Best of
both worlds



Sparrow has a dedicated team of leave experts that walk clients through the entire leave process. Additionally, Sparrow has dedicated payroll specialists who oversee the personalized payroll plan for each leave and the post leave reconciliation.



Sparrow software automates employee onboarding, leave planning, paperwork delivery, and notifications, so that you can feel confident that your process will be compliant with FMLA, CFRA, PPLO, and everything in between.

Compliance, built to scale

As teams become more distributed, it can feel impossible to keep up with regulations and processes. By working with Sparrow, our customers feel confident that their policies and processes comply with federal, state and local laws for all types of leaves in the United States and Canada.

Software, built for experience

Sparrow’s software automates away the notifications and communication, integrating everything into one streamlined portal for both the employee and people team, ensuring that each user has exactly the information they need when they need it.

Expert service, customized to your needs

Sparrow’s dedicated leave specialist feels like an integral member of your people team, so you’ll feel confident that your team’s leaves will be managed effectively. Like an expert concierge, they also support the employee in each step of their leave, so the employee can focus on their health and family.

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CEO & Cofounder

“Understanding the paperwork, compliance issues, and payroll changes would have taken us and our employees too many hours to manage. Our time was better spent running our business.”

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