Meet the Team: Sophie

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Sophie (she/her) is a member of Sparrow’s Customer Experience team. Let’s get to know Sophie!

How did you get to where you are?

My trajectory hasn’t necessarily been traditional. I studied holistic psychology and expressive arts therapy in college, and my first job after finishing school was managing a non-competitive kids & family fitness startup. I moved onto non-profit fundraising events, and then event coordination working again with startups in the Boston innovation ecosystem. All the while, I continued to study things like yoga, plant medicine, and most recently birth and death doula work. When I discovered Sparrow, I felt like the mission and role aligned with my unique background and interests. I’ve always loved startup culture and was excited by the idea of joining a company in a big growth phase, specifically in a role providing human-centered support to folks going through really significant transitions in their lives.

What is a fun fact about you?

I love gardening, and specifically inviting unusual or medicinal plants into the mix. This past year, in addition to lots of veggies, some of my favorite plants included stinging nettle, borage, pineapple sage, curry, nasturtiums, and bee balm. I also always leave wild edible “weeds” such as dandelions, clovers, and burdocks; I can’t stand to pull them out!

What are you most excited about for your role in the next 6 months?

I’m most excited about how rapidly Sparrow is growing and improving. While it can be challenging at times, it ultimately means that there are so many opportunities to suggest or jump into new projects or processes, and potentially specialize in a particular area that you are passionate about. While I don’t necessarily know what that looks like for me yet, the fact that we are encouraged to seek out what inspires us is something that I really appreciate. I’m looking forward to seeing not only how my role develops over time, but how the entire team continues to grow as well.

What do you know now about working at Sparrow that you wish you knew on your first day?

One thing I wish I knew is that there really is no pressure to learn everything right away. Folks told me this when I started, but it took some time to realize it for myself. Leave Management is a relatively new field, and it exists for a reason - leave is really complicated! Right when I think I have something figured out, I encounter a new situation and need to do some more digging or question-asking. When onboarding new hires at Sparrow, I try to reiterate as much as possible that learning and growth at Sparrow truly is ongoing and encouraged.

Have you picked up any hobbies since COVID started?

Yes, a lot! The main ones are fabric dyeing with natural/plant dyes, quilting, collecting records, backpacking, studying reproductive health and advocacy, and frisbee golf. Can you name a more random assortment?

What are you doing this weekend?

For the first time in what feels like months, I decided this weekend was going to be a “black out” weekend - no plans allowed! Most likely, that will look like vacuuming and (finally) depositing the avalanche of seltzer cans in our pantry. I love a good chores day!

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