Introducing Sparrow

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What is Sparrow?

Sparrow is a software-based service that is the simplest way for companies to provide their employees with extended leave (i.e. family leave, medical leave, etc).

Extended Leave: A Challenging Process for Employers and Employees

There’s no denying that the process of going on leave presents challenges, especially for small companies. An employee is trying to deal with a life adjustment and is handed a stack of paper work and vague instructions while the employer tries to navigate a maze of legal requirements.

Deborah Hanus founded Sparrow to provide a solution for managing leave at companies, a major pain point for employees and employers alike.

Parents don’t have the information they need to plan their leave and manage the necessary paperwork. It is common to make mistakes with paperwork or not receive proper pay. Like TurboTax, Sparrow ensures that the necessary endorsements are acquired, and the paperwork is filed properly and on time.

Companies often don’t have the information they need to keep track of regulations, plan for payroll changes, and ensure that the employee has a good leave. We save companies time and money by managing the endorsements, regulations, and developing a personalized payroll plan for each employee and ensuring that they have the information they need and save as much money as possible, while supporting their employee.

Sparrow is a software-based service that makes it simple for all companies to provide leave (such family leave, disability, etc.), so no one needs to choose between the people they love and the job that they love.

Can I use Sparrow?

Many of the regulations associated with leave vary from state to state. To start, we’re selling our software to companies with employees in California. If you’re interested in Sparrow, let us know! We’ll be rolling out nationwide as soon as we can.

How can I help?

Right now, we’re focused on customer acquisition. If you know anyone who either (a) is about to take a leave from work, (b) has a colleague that is going to take a leave soon, or (c) wants to put together a leave policy for their company, please have them get in touch.

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